Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The One When I Attended a Knitting Class

Last May 11th, I attended a knitting class.  I mentioned in a past blog entry that knitting had been in my craft bucket list for a long time.  I happened to read about the Ricefield Collective and when they announced a knitting workshop that they were conducting with Craft MNL, I saw it as a sign to start learning how to knit.

There were just six of us in the class at the Craft MNL headquarters at The Collective which was perfect for me because that meant an almost one-on-one teaching style.  I received my knitting kit which looked like this:

I was one of the early birds (or eager beavers!) so I chatted a little with Meredith and Anna from Ricefield Collective.  They showed us samples of their lovely work:

We were taught the slip knot, how to make the stitches, how to cast on and cast off.  The best part is, they helped me learn how to knit left-handed!  I'm left-handed and there has been some crafts that have been difficult for me to learn. :(  But I'm happy Anna showed me how to knit left-handed considering that she was right-handed. :)

 That's Anna Maltz of Ricefield Collective.

 Meredith Ramirez of Ricefield Collective

 My halfway-done work.

 My finger warmers/puppets!

 They're supposed to be tarsiers!  Hahaha!  Not quite!

Class picture!

It's been fun learning how to knit and to this day, I still keep asking myself why it has taken me that long to learn this craft.  I'm glad our school summer break is coming up because I'm planning to devote a considerable part of my vacation to knitting!  Here's to learning a new craft -- and the motivation to improve (those tarsiers need more work)!!!

Happy crafting! :)

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