Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The One About Gertie

Since getting married, I have been wanting to have a sewing machine.  My mom and I have a manual Singer sewing machine at home - which I still love and which I had my mom swear never to sell it - but since moving to a box of a home, there was no way that lovely sewing machine was coming with me.  As I type this post, I am already feeling sorry for it -- gathering dust with no assurance of ever being used again.

Anyway (cue to put on a happy face)!  I had been planning on getting a small, compact home sewing machine since my last birthday (February) but life keeps getting in the way so the idea just kept being pushed back.  And now life is cooperating and I have this beauty sitting at home.

The Singer 160 Limited Editin Sewing Machine

It was a bit way out of my budget but it met all of my considerations:  automatic needle threader, stitch width selection, easy buttonhole, and a super easy bobbin set-ter. :)  I was not particularly looking for a lot of stitches (this has 24!) but out of all the home sewing machines I have surveyed, this had a blanket stitch.  And I need that for my felt food projects.

I love that Singer came out with this model.  It's a limited edition sewing machine to celebrate Singer's - what else? - 160th anniversary.  It looks very vintage (and you know me and my love for old, lovely things) and I love it to pieces because of how it looks.  And works, of course.

Notice the hand wheel?  It's functional!

By the way, I haven't been able to take pictures of my sewing machine just yet.  Because of space constraints, I only take the machine out of the box when I need to use it.  Otherwise, she goes back to the box.  Sad, I know.  Oh well...  In the meantime, all the images are from Google.

Now, I keep calling her "she."  I was going to name her Love-A-Lot after a Care Bear (and yes, I do give names to my favorite things.  My bone folder is named Joan Boner because it's a name Boy Abunda keeps greeting on The Buzz so there.  Hehehe!)  But I felt she needed a vintage-y name.  Lola?  Rose?

And then I stumbled upon this and I knew it was meant to be.

So, lovelies, meet Gertie.  She and I are going to have the time of our lives. :)

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