Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The One About the "Me" Day

Allow me to begin this post by declaring that I looooovvvveee "Me" times.  I mean, who doesn't?  A pocket of time to do anything that will please your heart?  I'm all for it.  Luckily for me, the pocket of time that I managed to spend on myself would fill that pocket to its brim.  That's because I devoted an entire day to permit my heart to sing. :)
My "Me" day started with a big, big, big - okay, I should've used "hearty" - breakfast at Early Bird Breakfast Club in BGC.  Unlike some people, I do not have a problem with eating alone.  In fact, I love it!  To eat alone is to think clearly, to savor each bite, and to celebrate the time that is mine.

I ordered the Full English Breakfast and, boy, was it filling!  It had two strips of bacon, two eggs, grilled tomatoes, two servings of toast, one English banger, potatoes, baked beans, and mushrooms!  I'm still dreaming about it as I type this!  I love the fact that the restaurant had wifi and since I went on a weekday, it was very quiet and I was able to read while enjoying my breakfast.

 From Early Bird Breakfast Club, I walked to The Mind Museum.  When The Mind Museum first opened, I got turned off by the exorbitant entrance fee.  And then I found out that teachers like me get a huge discount!  So from P600, I paid P150 only.

(The token T-Rex shot.  Haha!)

Again, since it was a weekday, I had the place almost all to myself!  The nerd in me was super happy!

After the museum, I walked (don't you just love how everything in BGC is accessible by walking?) to Fully Booked -- my happy place!!!  I took my time browsing through all the aisles and, because I'm not really on a self-imposed book ban (woooshooo...), bought a craft book!  Weeee!!!

Anyway, I was still full from breakfast come lunch time so I fixed myself something at around 2:00 pm.  And then I kicked back and enjoyed the silence in our little home. Okay, that and I read, did a little knitting (second project finished!  More on that soon!), and watched Desperate Housewives!  Hahaha!  Told you I don't like watching TV.  That explains the backlog on the few shows that I do watch. :)

Have a good day, lovelies... :)

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