Monday, July 15, 2013

The One About the Knitted Coffee Cozy

Another knitting project completed (as if ang dami!)!  Hahaha!  I wanted to make something simple since I was going to be following a knitting pattern for the first time.  Also because I wanted to be kinda OC and make sure all my stitches are neat, even, and tight. And because I had a coffee tumbler that looked kinda black-and-white sad, I gave it a pop of color.  Pink, nonetheless!

The tumbler is the one that I usually bring to work but since I'm on the last stretch of my summer break, I haven't used it yet with my cozy on.  So I just delight myself with looking at it while it's on display in one of our counters.

Now my fingers are itching to knit again... :)

Happy crafting!

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