Friday, June 27, 2014

The One About the New Felt Breakfast Set

My first foray in creating lovely bits of felt food began with this breakfast set.

 Since my sewing skills have levelled up (“ahem, ahem,” –Miss Gertie), I created a much better, much lovelier one.

Oh hello, brekkie...

In case the difference doesn’t show in the photos, the pieces this time are bigger, almost mimicking the actual sizes of pancakes, eggs, bacon, syrup, and pats of butter.  The previous set had pancakes the size of silver dollars (although, yes, silver dollar-sized pancakes are still made in some homes these days).  Imagine how fun for a little one to play with real-life-scaled toys such as these!

On that note, won’t it be lovely to wake up to a hearty plate of these beauties?

Speaking of breakfast, I have often declared that it's my favorite meal of the day.  As I write this, I am having breakfast at this charming gem called Third Cup Cafe.

Here's to the happiness brought about by a hearty plate of eggs, bacon, and pancakes.  Or in my case, a steaming cup of cappucino and a jalapeno poppers sandwich.  Right now, I have the place all to myself which is a good thing because I brought work to do.  This blog post is just one of the many things on my to-do list.

Having said that, here's to a lovely day, a lovely breakfast, and a completely ticked off to-do list at the end of it. :)

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