Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The One About The Binondo Food Trip (Part 2)

After a filling breakfast at Wai Ying, my friends and I proceeded to Binondo Church just so we could finally see it. Hehehe. On our way to the church, we saw several of those famed purple fire trucks parked on the street and with no one manning the trucks...well, we just couldn't resist...

Picture time!

A friendly reminder :)

We finally got to the church. Pia took really nice pictures of the church.

Anyway, it was so hot in the church that I got hungry already and so we then went to our second chow spot.

Cafe Mezzanine is a coffee shop that is being maintained by an official of the East Binondo Volunteer Firemen's Association.

We were initially at the ground floor but after knowing there were milk teas upstairs, we went to the second floor which was much cozier, thanks to the airconditioning.

We ordered their green milk tea and ube (purple yam) siopao.

We weren't too happy with the food. The siopao at Wai Ying and also the one at North Park are way better. Plus the service there was really bad. The staff weren't too attentive. And so, we gave Cafe Mezzanine...

Three stars

One star

Two stars

But wait! We had more of Binondo after visiting Cafe Mezzanine but that's in the next post... :)

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