Friday, June 11, 2010

The One About The Lasagna Roll-Ups

Summer vacation has started but I still cannot bring myself to do absolutely nothing. Last Friday, I enrolled in university because I am still finishing my Master's degree in Family Life and Child Development (because I want to be a professional housewife someday. Hahaha!). Monday after, I enrolled myself in sewing classes in a fashion school. Tuesday, I stayed home but got the itch to do something so I worked on my thesis. On Wednesday, my mom and I bonded and watched "Sex and the City 2." She marveled at the clothes; I marveled on the Rolex watch that Carrie gave Big. While my mom was excited to see Carrie's outfits on every scene, my eyes were glued on Big's wrist. On Thursday, I went to UP to research. Today, Friday, I explored the Kamuning Market and bought my sewing materials. I also got a super short haircut. In fact, it is so short that I probably should have gone to my boyfriend's barber instead to get a good deal. My hair looks like a boy's, anyway, but I paid P350 for it.
I have been spending my summer days being productive each day. I really cannot do nothing.
Anyway, last Tuesday, apart from slaving over my thesis, I made lasagna roll-ups.

The usual lasagna roll-ups recipes I have encountered uses meat sauce with cream cheese filling. I wanted to make mine a tad healthier so instead of cream cheese, I used cottage cheese. It has made the dish lighter while still lending that creamy texture the cream cheese is known for. Also, instead of using ground meat, I used minced eggplant and mushrooms to bump up the healthiness (is this a word?) of the meal.
It was heaven in a roll! I wouldn't get to experience heaven if I did nothing, would I? :)

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