Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The One When I Made Gnocchi

I made gnocchi...from scratch! :) I first tasted gnocchi when I was still living in Cebu. The cafeteria in the school where I used to work served these. Unfortunately, theirs weren't that good. I stumbled upon a recipe for gnocchi and decided to make some.

I boiled some potatoes, peeled them and mashed them afterwards. Then I gradually added flour until the whole thing looked like bread dough. I added salt and nutmeg. Then I boiled some water as you would when you're cooking pasta. When the water was boiling, I dropped the gnocchi then waited for them to float to the surface (once they do, they're done).

I melted some butter and tossed the gnocchi in it then sprinkled some dried sage (fresh ones are better but I didn't have those on hand) and Parmesan cheese.

These little nuggets of goodness literally melted in my mouth faster than M&Ms could!

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