Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The One About The First Day High

Today was my first day of sewing class at the Fashion Institute of the Philippines.

A sewing kit that was given to me ages ago had finally come in handy...

...for all my sewing stuff, of course. :)

I had a blast at class. People there are really nice and helpful, especially my sewing teacher. She was very patient with me in all of the sewing exercises. I was especially happy that she was because, fifteen minutes after class had started, I had already broken two needles. I also couldn't control the foot pedal well at first. Every time I'd step on it, it...vrooms, so to speak. It was also a bit embarrassing because mine was the only sewing machine vrooming. Everyone else's was running on moderate speed. Oh time, I'll be perfect.

My sewing teacher had me do needle exercises.

At first it was kind of easy...

And then it got more challenging...

Like I said, however, I had a blast! I took sewing lessons before - like a vocational course type of thing - but I wasn't satisfied with the way it was taught. This time around, I decided that my sewing classes should take place in a fashion school because I wanted to be surrounded by creative people. I wasn't disappointed. Fashion designer John Herrera was teaching another class near where I was having mine and I couldn't help but peek at his creations that he was showing his students. Another class was working on patterns and I marveled at the fabrics they were using.

I left the school with my head in the clouds. Next time, my teacher will have me work on fabrics already...with thread. :) Can't wait!

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