Friday, April 12, 2013

The One About Summer Crafting with Kids

I had a weeklong break before I got back into the grind of teaching once again (in case you're wondering, yup, I'm back in an international school so my summer would have to wait until June).  I had tons of stuff to keep myself busy with but I made time to teach new crafts to young children.

I taught Hon-some's nephews and niece how to make glass pendants using the settings and the resin-making kit I got from a craft fair.  I had to do pretty much all the mixing just to be safe for the kids but they themselves applied the mixture onto the settings.

Here's what they came up with:


On another day, we got crafty in the kitchen!  I taught kids how to make rainbow cupcakes with white chocolate ganache frosting and sprinkles!

In between crafts, we went out for some super-hyped liquid nitrogen ice cream!

How's your summer coming along?  Get crafty! :)

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