Thursday, October 3, 2013

The One About Craft Circle

My love for crafts has led me to offer a craft club in school.  Every Tuesday afternoon, a total of 20 kids from first to fifth grade troop into my room and excitedly ask, "What are we going to make today?"  For an entire hour, we would cut, glue, sew, draw, sketch, design, and sprinkle our way to craftiness.

Preparation can be really stressful and tiring, especially when I have to think about sourcing the materials and supplies that we use.  But whenever my students tell me that they had fun that afternoon or once I overheard one kid declare, "I love Craft Circle," everything seems worth the effort.

Here are some of the crafts that we have made...

I got this owl craft idea from here.  We did this on our first day.  It was a great icebreaker activity and it was also a perfect way of assessing my students' cutting, pasting, and writing skills.

Will post more crafts as we go!  And if I don't find myself lazy, will share a tutorial or two. :)

Happy crafting!

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