Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wednesday Nugget: Poetic Instincts

Here’s to people brimming with dreams,
To faith and belief in God’s power,
Belief in God’s love,
And belief in God’s own time.

Here’s to kindness and loyalty and hard work,
Compassion, sincerity, and patience,
Diligence, discipline, and determination,
And everything that paves the way for an abundant tomorrow.

Here’s to the farewell to the time that was lost,
Here’s to the hello to the lessons learned,
Here’s to the forgiveness I may ask for at some point,
Here’s to the gratitude for answered prayers.

So here’s to tonight,
For tonight, I’ll dream the sweetest dreams.
And here’s to tomorrow,
For tomorrow, I’ll do my best
And have faith in what will be.

(Little Miss Pinay Crafter, 2013)

P.S.  Two-liner nugget found on the Internet.  Poem inspired by it. :)

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