Friday, March 19, 2010

The One About Baby RG

I like making baby crafts. My Cebu-based friend (a former colleague at Cebu International School), Gade, will be giving birth soon to a baby girl. She e-mailed me recently to invite me to attend her baby shower but I couldn't go since I was in Manila. I wanted to give her a gift anyway, so I came up with this simple baby shower gift.

I wanted to do an alphabet silhouette frame at first. I love the drama that silhouettes evoke and I thought maybe I could make one for a baby - a fresh change from all the cutesy baby shower gifts. Eventually, I decided it would be nicer to concentrate on the baby's initials with silhouettes of pictures that begin with the initials of the baby's name.

I texted her to ask for her baby's name but, according to her, it was still a secret. I asked for the initials, instead, and they turned out to be "RG" -- Teddy Bird's real name initials! :)

I printed the initials from a computer then traced and cut them out from white construction paper.

I got cliparts of a rabbit (R is for rabbit) and a girl (G is for girl) and found a way to make a picture story out of them. I traced and cut them out from construction paper too.

I arranged the cutouts on a pink construction paper as the background and glued them into place. The frame I used was given to me by Cebu International School when they used it to store my "Certificate of Appreciation" of service before I left. I've been wanting to find another use for it.


I have friends from Cebu coming over to Manila next week. We will be attending the EARCOS Teachers Conference 2010 at the International School Manila. A number of international schools in Asia will be attending too. I'll just ask my Cebu International School friends to handcarry this gift for me when they fly back to the Queen City of the South (which I happen to miss terribly).

Speaking of EARCOS, I just thought of the perfect EARCOS lootbags to give to my friends! More on that soon!

Happy crafting!

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