Monday, March 8, 2010

The One About the Binondo Breakfast

It was my birthday last February 24th. I turned *shudder* 28. As a simple celebration, I treated my family and relatives to my favorite breakfast place - Wai Ying! Introduced by Teddy Bird, Wai Ying is a small tea house in Binondo along Benavidez Street serving Cantonese fare. I especially love their siomai, hakaw, and radish cake. Anyway, we were 14 in all when we went there at 7am last Saturday and literally had a feast: bowls of fish and mixed meat congee, siomai, hakaw, kuchay dumplings, radish cakes, fried noodles, asado, roast duck, soy chicken, and yang chow fried rice. I might be forgetting something 'cause we ordered a lot. That was the highlight of my day. :)
Usually, when I have breakfast in Wai Ying, I stuff myself full that I don't get to eat lunch anymore. I thought it'd be that way last Saturday but then lunch time came around and I had pizza and pasta at Amici. Oh well... :)a

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