Thursday, March 11, 2010

The One About My "Nag-level Up" Budget Envelopes

Last Saturday after my Binondo birthday breakfast, I headed straight to Trinoma to meet up with Teddy Bird. While waiting, I decided to get started on my holiday shopping (yep, that early!) and looked for a gift for one of my nieces. I chanced upon this store called Beabi and found an answered prayer:

It was a receipt organizer!

I have been collecting receipts for some time now and I have been quite disorganized about them. When I get home from a trip to mall, I simply toss them on my table. However, I'm not really a serial receipt collector. I collect only receipts from establishments that promise tempting discount cards! So while the receipt organizer had a lot of pockets, I decided to use it as a budget envelope as well. Yes, even in this digital age where budgeting is conveniently done using computer software, I'm quite traditional about it and still use envelopes. Thing is, envelopes get crumpled and ruined in my bag. I saw a DIY tutorial in the internet and while I was itching to be crafty about it (and save a few pesos along the way), cardboard envelopes were still prone to wear and tear. So I decided that this receipt organizer would be a good buy (Ugh. I sound like Becky Bloomwood...) because it was durable.

I found the receipt/budget organizer to be rather boxy and wanted to soften it up. I searched the internet for some vintage-designed labels and found some at i-do-it-yourself:
Look at what I typed on them:

I'm hoping this pocket gets to be the thickest of them all. Hahaha!

Excess money from my weekly, weekend, and shopping expenses must be added to savings.
You may be wondering where the "Savings" pocket label is. I practice paying myself first so whenever I get my paycheck, the savings are deposited in my savings account right away. So no need to withdraw it and place it in the budget organizer lest I spend it all (Not so Becky Bloomwood, am I?)

I printed extra ones which were blank for future categories.

The nice thing was, even if the organizer was store-bought, I still found an excuse to get all crafty over it. :)

Happy crafting!

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