Sunday, March 28, 2010

The One About the EARCOS lootbags

Just over the weekend, I attended the EARCOS Teachers' Conference 2010 at the International School Manila. A lot of delegates from other international schools around Asia attended the annual event. I was looking forward to joining the workshops lined up. More than that, though, I was excited to see my friends and former colleagues from Cebu International School.
I prepared for their arrival by making Alice in Wonderland-inspired loot bags to give to my friends. Here's how I made them:
Start with a 1/2 cardstock. Put double-sided tape on one end of it.
Pull the strip of tape off.
Form a roll by making the two ends of the cardstock meet, sealed by the tape.
Now, put double-sided tape inside one end of the cardstock roll, strip it off, and press the edges to seal.
I used my paper crimper to crimp the edge.
Nice, isn't it? I love my paper crimper!

I made "Eat Me" labels -- inspired by the recent Alice in Wonderland movie. To make it a tad humorous, I added the words "when you get bored at your workshop." :)

Made a bunch of them!
Next, seal the other end of the cardstock roll by pressing it in the opposite direction, ending with a triangular packet. Seal with double-sided tape and crimp it as well. Don't forget to fill the packet with candies and treats. I filled mine with coffee candies to fight boredom (haha!) and threw in some mints as well.

More on the serious side of EARCOS in my next post. Until then, happy crafting!


  1. Hi Ms Rae, can i ask where did you buy the paper crimper? I need one asap.. thanks

  2. Hi! I just saw your message. I bought it in National Bookstore. :)