Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend Tidbits: Corniche

My dad took us to dinner at Corniche at the Manila Diamond Hotel for his birthday.  Last week had me at a clearance-frenzy, completing requirements for school before the summer break (hence, the lack of posts last week), so this dinner was the perfect kickstarter to my summer.

Here's the lowdown on what went down in my tummy. :)

 Cream of asparagus soup

Appetizers:  pork terrine, roasted vegetables, salmon

 The Japanese course

 Roast pork with barbecue sauce, baked salmon, and baked mussels

 Clams sauteed in bacon (fat).  Soooo gooooood!

 I was bent on trying new dishes but being a sinigang lover, this called my name.

 Rule of thumb:  one can never have sinigang without rice!

 The cheese plate: bleu cheese, boursin, and gruyere with nuts and raisins and sourdough and laugen bread.

 Ice cream macaron sandwich.  A complete thing of beauty!

I never pass up on creme brulee. 

Unbelievable appetite, I know.  But what the heck, my tummy was at its happiest!!!

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