Thursday, August 8, 2013

The One About Cool Beans Cafe

Some incredibly genius individual/s thought of putting together a cafe and a library in one cool hotspot (Maginhawa St. in Teachers Village) and made it a dream come true for bookworms like me. :)

The moment I stepped inside Cool Beans, one can already begin to appreciate the silence, so much so that I actually turned my phone to silent mode as a sign of respect to the customers who had their heads buried in books.

The cafe is small and only seats a few people.  Being there makes one want to linger for as long as time can be stretched and enjoy items from their menu or to browse and read the available literature.

The library is enough to satisfy various reading appetites:  there are fiction selections, comic books, Filipino literature, art books, home and design...

 ...and one shelf dedicated to National Geographic magazines (virtual high-five!)

They have rice meals, sandwiches, soup, pasta, and salads.  I love the fact that they serve Highland coffee.

My order:  Spanish sardines pesto pasta with Sagada iced coffee.  And my book pick from their library.

Their servings are quite big, mind you.

And so as I sat there and enjoyed my pasta lunch and book, I couldn't help but look at all the other people around.  Some were chatting in really low voices in between bites.  Some were studying.  And yet some were just like me -- happy to be surrounded by what I assume to be like-minded individuals and by volumes of the written word waiting to be cherished.  :)

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