Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Weekend Tidbits

Tidbit 1:  Brought Hon-some's nephews to Cool Beans Cafe to load up the tummy and their brains :)  I wrote about Cool Beans here.

Best well-spent hour, if I may say, taking their picks from the graphic novels and children's books.

The grub:  S'mores cupcake and red velvet cookies for the kiddos.

And cream of pumpkin soup for me!

 My pick for the day

Then we hopped over the new milkshake place nearby (told you QC is the place to be!)...

 Vanilla and Speculoos Cookie Butter milkshakes!

Tidbit 2:  I joined What If Handmade's first Learning Exchange at Cordillera Coffee.  Charming coffee house.  I met fellow crafters and learned about the crafts they made.  More importantly, we talked about crossing over from being hobbyists to craft entrepreneurs.

The weekend that was.  Have a great week ahead, lovelies!

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