Thursday, August 15, 2013

The One About Paper Pom Flowers

Paper pompom flowers are super easy to make that I don't understand why some crafters ask people to fork out at least a thousand pesos to teach them how to do it in workshops.  Sheeessshhh!

Anyway, I made a couple of these flowers as decorations for Mom Pop Up.  Want to learn how to make them (without spending, of course)?

 Start with a pile of 10-12 sheets of tissue paper.

 Then start folding from the bottom of the sheets.  I did about an inch to an inch and a half fold.

 It should come up to this.

Find the middle of the strip and tie a thin wire around the middle.  The ends of the wire, you twist it and form into a hole.  This is what you'll use to hang the pom flower.

Cut the top into a curve.

 Then start fanning it out.

 Begin to delicately - DELICATELY! - pull out each sheet of tissue paper to the middle of the strip...  

 Until the flower begins to poof up.

See?  Easy peasy!!!

Happy crafting! :)

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